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In the end, at the Person Scouts awards ceremony, aunt Kali reveals that the secret recipe contains insectsbut everyone continues eating the cookies anyway. The pranks affect Irwin instead, causing major laughter from Jack and his ghouls, which explode and return to the Underworld. Grim is bored of being left alone while Billy and Mandy are not with him. Seeing as Billy and Irwin are still doing good in their quest, Grim increases the difficulty by manipulating the traps himself. The lonely Nergal, who has been watching Billy and Mandy for some time, wants Grim to hand over the kids to him so they can be his friends forever. It appears that Mrs.

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As Billy eats the book, Mandy throws Billy himself into the portal, restoring everything to normal.

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In the end, Mandy fools Eris into thinking that Adonis is in the movie theater and Eris accidentally kisses Grim, who says that he will never wash his left cheek again. Grim covers himself in the mucus that he produced when he was sick and becomes a skeleton again, and Billy tries it too. Delgado realizes that the zombie is after the brownies that Grim has in his skull, so Delgado and Grim battle furiously for them. Jack realizes Billy is carrying the actual Reaper's scythe, so he takes it from him and uses it to open the gates of the Underworld and bring forth ghostswhich cause havoc in the city. After having a nervous breakdown and leaving the house in the first episode, Billy's mother, Gladys, returns. Snuggles, celebrates his 10th birthdayso the Grim Reaper comes for him. Billy, Mandy and Grim go trick-or-treating for Halloweenand Irwin is left behind because he needs a scarier costume.

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