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You do absorb the radiation, but it's not harmful. We will know. This is because the biokinetic model for potassium used in this document represents the relatively slow removal of potassium biological half-time 30 days that is estimated to occur for typical intakes of potassium, whereas an elevated intake of potassium would result in excretion of a nearly equal mass of natural potassium, and hence of 40 K, over a short period. The decay of uranium and thorium, among other isotopes, produces radiation which can create 14 C from 12 C. Retrieved on Kluai Lep Chang Kut. Your entire body is made of a lot cells, which are made of a lot of organic molecules, the framework of each of which is made of a lot of carbon.

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You can check for yourself that the two samples are the result of mixing of the following two original loads of fruit.

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Radiometric Dating Using Isochrons

Subscription sign in. Money transfers. News videos. An average banana contains about picocuries, due to the high amount of potassium present in the fruit. Comment posted!

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carbon dating banana
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carbon dating banana
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